We Need an Ocean NASA Now!

Will OSEA be worth the cost it will take?

I believe that OSEA will be worth the cost it will take because the amount of resaerch and knowledge that will be obtained will be worth the price of OSEA. It says in the article, “Every dollar we commit to science returns $2.21 in goods and services.”

Will OSEA be a benefit to the reasearch community?

I think that OSEA will be a big benefit to the reacearch community because they  would be “dedicated to basic research and exploration of the >;90% of the world’s oceans that remain unexplored.” The arlicle also says, “OSEA would also be a resource both for the research community and the public by being dedicated to open science, i.e. making scientific research, data and dissemination accessible to all levels of an inquiring society, amateur or professional.”

Will OSEA be able to affect the world as NASA has?

Yes, I believe that OSEA will affect the world and its people in similar ways that NASA has. The article claims, “OSEA will inspire the next generation of scientist and engineers, instilling in the young a renewed appreciation for the oceans of which we are all stewards: our oceans.”

Will OSEA benefit normal citizens in a good way?

Yes, because OSEA will provide many job oppourtuninties and they will ontinue to open up job slots as they dicover more new things and share their research. The article says, “Meeting the scientific, technological, logistical, and administrative demands of scientific exploration creates jobs and requires substantial personnel beyond just scientists and engineers. The materials purchased for this cause support even further employment.”

Will the public benefit to OSEA?

Yes, I think so because OSEA plans on involving the public and the public will benefit from all the interesting research that OSEA creates and discovers. It says in the article, “A novel and cutting edge education and outreach group would develop a strategic plan to involve children and adults in the mission.”


Jean Michel Cousteau – He is a famous marine biologist who is in many oceanography and marine biology documentaries as well as movies.

Charles Darwin (Deceased) – He created the theory of evolution which was, “All creatures have evolved from common ancestors.” This was a huge break through in all biology.

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